Business Litigation:

Alternative Dispute Resolution – Mediation provides the parties an opportunity to resolve their disputes prior to a trial.  While our firm prides itself on trying cases, we understand that some clients may be better served through going to mediation.  We have been lead counsel in both plaintiff and defense matters, and have successfully mediated over 100 cases.

Accounting Malpractice – Accounting malpractice arises when an accountant improperly prepares a tax return, gives bad advice, or puts his own interests in front of yours.  We have experience in aggressively filing suit against accountants for their errors.

Adversary Proceedings (Bankruptcy) – An “adversary proceeding” is a a lawsuit that is filed in bankruptcy court for the recovery of proceeds.  We have represented major corporations in the recovery of funds from individuals who are seeking to discharge their debt or who may have debts that are not subject to discharge.

Contract Litigation A contract is nothing more than a piece of paper if it cannot be enforced.  We have litigated contractual disputes against some of the biggest technology firms in America; with a stellar record of success.  We know how to use a contract as both a shield and a sword in litigation.

Collections – We have represented creditors in actions pertaining to accountants receivable as well as negotiating payment plans.

Debt Collections – Debt collection is governed by a myriad of state and federal laws.  Not knowing how to proceed can result in civil liability for an amount more than the debt that is owed.  We have experience in representing both creditors and debtors for unfair debt collection practice allegations.

Construction Defect – Construction defect is a lawsuit in which a plaintiff alleges that the building of their home, or part of their home, is defective and wants the builder or the subcontractor to either make repairs or make restitution.  We have represented over fifty subcontractors in the past and are well acquainted with the standard of care of the sub-contractors and the numerous issues that arise in construction defect litigation.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Litigation – As medical records become computerized, selecting an EMR vendor is critical for many medical practices.  Narayan Law is one of a handful of law firms in the country that has litigated issues pertaining to the installation and operation of these computer systems.

Insurance Coverage – Insurance coverage is the question of whether a policy covers the incident that you have bought insurance for.  We have experience in determining of whether or not you would be entitled to the benefits under the particular insurance policy that has been issued.

Insurance Brokers – We have learned that many insurance brokers have made promises pertaining to what insurance would cover, and when the insurance does not cover the claim, seek to dismiss the fact that they would be liable for the representation that was made.

International Law – International law involves transactions involving a country along with the United States.  We have represented Plaintiffs seeking restitution and the interplay between foreign law and United States law, including keeping claims in the United States as opposed to being dismissed and to be refiled in another country.

Lemon Law – All goods that you purchase require to be “merchantable”; and fit for regular use.  When someone sells you a defective product, and refuses to repair it you may be entitled to damages.

Trials – Sometimes cases cannot be settled and need to be positioned to be tried before a jury.  Narayan Law has been lead counsel in both plaintiff and defense matters, and have tried bench and jury trials to verdict, as well as administrative hearings.