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Narayan Law is often referred dog bite cases by other attorneys due to its significant experience in dealing with these matters. 

A dog attack can be traumatic and life-changing.  Because of my prior defense experenice defending dog bite cases, I know what tinsurers are looking for to evaluate and settle claims.

Under California law, a dog bite is known as a “strict liability” case under California Civil Code 3342.  That means there generally are no legitmate defenses to a dog bite.  But that does not mean you do not need a lawyer for this sort of case; its the exact opposite.  You need someone whose willing to push your case and see if this matter is covered and whether there are excess or umbrella insurance policies covering your injuries.

My dog bite settlements have consistently been among the top settlements for any personal injury case in California, not just animal attacks.  In 2023, my firm took a call at midnight for a dog attack and less than 120 days later, the case settled for $1,502,500.00 which is one of the biggest dog bite settlements in the United States. 

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BREAKING: Narayan Law Secures $1.5 Million in Dog Bite Case for Client

One of the largest settlements in animal / dog bite case history.
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In situations where dog bite cases can’t be amicably resolved and necessitate presentation before a jury, Narayan Law stands out as a premier dog bite lawyer firm. With a history of serving as lead counsel in both plaintiff and defense capacities, we’ve successfully navigated bench and jury trials to verdict. Santosh Narayan, a distinguished dog bite case expert, is an esteemed alumnus of the Los Angeles County Bar Association Trial Advocacy Project and a proud graduate of the CAALA Plaintiff Trial Academy.

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Narayan Law is a trial and litigation firm committed to getting top compensation to those who have been injured or wrongfully terminated. With over 15 years of experience, we have handled hundreds of cases to settlement or verdict. Give us a call today for your free consultation for your personal injury or employment case.

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After a dog bite, prioritize seeking medical attention for your injuries. Document the incident by taking photos of your injuries and the location of the event. Obtain details about the dog and its owner, and ensure the bite is reported to local animal control or relevant authorities. Lastly, consider seeking legal counsel to understand your rights and potential claims.

Dog bite liability often depends on state regulations. Some states adopt a strict liability stance, making the owner liable regardless of prior knowledge about the dog’s aggressiveness. Other states might use the “one-bite” rule, where owners are only accountable if they knew of the dog’s aggressive behavior. Local laws play a crucial role, and Narayan Law can guide you through these nuances.

Provocation can influence a dog bite claim. If evidence suggests that the dog was provoked, it might decrease or nullify the owner’s liability. However, defining “provocation” can be a gray area, and consulting with experts like Narayan Law can provide clarity on where you stand.

Compensation in dog bite cases often varies based on factors like injury severity, associated medical expenses, loss of earnings, emotional distress, and other considerations. Compensation can encompass current and future medical bills, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, and non-tangible damages like pain and suffering. For an estimation tailored to your situation, it’s best to consult Narayan Law.

The timeframe, or the statute of limitations, to file a dog bite claim differs by state. Generally, there’s a specific number of years from the date of the incident to initiate a lawsuit. Acting promptly and seeking legal advice ensures you adhere to these time limits.

The owner’s awareness of their dog’s behavior often hinges on state laws. In states with the “one-bite” rule, prior knowledge of aggression might be essential. However, in strict liability states, even if the owner wasn’t aware, they could still be held liable. Narayan Law can assist in discerning these legal intricacies.

The location of the dog bite can affect the case. While homeowners might claim trespassing or lack of permission to be on the property, they can still be held liable if their dog causes injury. The specifics often depend on local premises liability laws, making legal consultation critical.

Narayan Law operates on a “No Recovery, No Fee” basis for dog bite cases. This means you’re not charged legal fees unless we achieve compensation for you.

In some situations, landlords can be deemed responsible, especially if they were aware of the dog’s aggressive behavior and did not take measures to ensure others’ safety. However, this is often contingent on specific conditions and legal interpretations. Narayan Law can provide more insights based on your circumstances.

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