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Because of my unique background, I am engaged as a mediator to resolve disputes between the parties.
My experience has helped parties reach an amicable resolution to their particular dispute.  I try to look at mediation to solve a problem by examining all of the different angles, since my perspectives come from:

The Bench:  

I started my career as a clerk for a state court trial judge; where I worked behind the scenes preparing rulings for dispositive motions and memorandums regarding motions in limine.  My early experenice as a clerk taught me what Judges want and what they don’t want.

As A Defense Attorney:  

I spent the next phase of my career  in one of the biggest defense law firms in the United States.  I represented large corporations, public entities, individuals and insurers.  I defended personal injury and employment cases and wrote the reports to the carriers, participated in mediations and was assigned first chair trial responsibilities.  I have done litigation budgets, written reports and understand what clients and insurance companies need to evaluate and settle cases.

As a Plaintiff’s Attorney:  

For the last ten years, I have been a solo practitioner representing clients in personal injury, employment and habitability cases.  My experenice has taught me the unique dynamics of representing a Plaintiff and how Plaintiffs make a decision.  I maintain an active Plaintiff’s practice so I am on the front lines everyday preparing my own cases for trials as an advocate.

As a Juror:

I was selected to be a juror in a wrongful death case in 2016 because of my background as both lawyer who had worked on both sides.  What I learned in the jury room blew me away; and changed the way I screen cases and litigate them in my own practice.  It is also the reason why I believe mediation is a better way for the parties to reach finality on a matter.
Through my role as a mediator, I have settled both smaller cases and those over 7 figures. I provide flexible scheduling since my mediations are through zoom and do not charge for prep time, meaning that I’m happy to look at as much information as you want before your mediation.  My charge is $1,000 per party per half day for a half day (four hour) mediation.
I promise to treat the parties with empathy, professionalism with the goal of resolving your dispute.
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